We are a creative agency providing a wide array of digital marketing services with a key focus on Social Media Management. We take brands from mediocre to awesome. Your brand has a personality; we help you portray it the right way.



Social Media has become such an invasive force to the modern day human. We understand Social and know how to ensure exposure to the correct audience. With multiple platforms available, we can ensure your brand is engaged with and seen by the right people at the right times.



The Arabic digital market is a vastly growing one that has a higher level of demand than supply. We come to bridge that gap and provide a high standard European twist to the Arabic digital market. We devote ourselves to address the Arabic digital market in a way no other agency has.




We design your brand and ensure it represents your goals in the right way and to the right audience. Everything from Logos, business cards, icons, posters, merchandise; our team of designers can deliver on all branding tasks.


This is our niche. We manage tens of pages across the web – from SMEs to large companies. We manage your social presence in the most effective manner with the main goal of boosting customer engagement and increasing sales.


Never judge a book by its cover? Wrong. Always judge a book by its cover. Your website is the tool potential customers use to judge you – we understand that and as a result, we dedicate a side of our business to provide such vital service.



We know that 58% of social media users return daily, engage in conversation and share information. We are also aware that there is a lot of value in social media users around your geographic location – these are potential customers and should be targeted as such – that’s where we come in.

Whether your business is a café, vegetable store, letting agency, theatre, religious institution, or anything else, there is always a way to utilize Social Media to reach your audience and ensure engagement. We take on this task and help you beat the Social front effectively and using the latest techniques. Our team of account managers will interpret your business and execute a long term strategy which aims to harness and accelerate the growth of your business.


The first step is for us to understand who you are? What you do? And what your goals are. From then on we can draw up an idea of how effectively you could portray your business and in which platforms.


Execution stage. This is the part where we spend a specific amount of time building your social presence bit by bit. We put to practise our well devised strategy, creating content, engaging and sharing.


Empirical results are what we are driven by. After we spend time managing your social front, we get back to you with reports detailing the engagement rates as well as conversion rates. These we are confident will be a step up for your business.


Arabic Speakers


Arabic Speakers

Arabic is spoken by almost 5% of the world’s population, that’s roughly 60 million short of the number of English language speakers worldwide. There is an ever increasing focus towards the Arabic market due to its rising population and growing economy as a whole (particularly in the UAE).



The exclusivity of what we do alone is a factor. Compared to English speaking businesses, digital agencies are a rarity in the Arab world and comparatively lack experience and clout.


We are knowledgeable of all the Arabic speaking markets including all 22 Arabic countries. Most importantly however, we understand the culture perfectly and know how to cater our content to it.


Western/Arab collaboration.  We combine great Western project management with Arab insight into the Middle East and its culture.

Arabic Speaking Business?

We have experience in managing Arabic business’s social media fronts to a very large and diverse audience. The topics, methodologies and cultural sensitivities are what we know very well when dealing with an Arabic speaking audience. There are very few agencies which do what we do – and we are certain it is a service which your business will massively gain from. Whether you are an existing institution or one that is just launching – we can strike a conversation between us to let you know how we can come aboard to propel your brand forwards.

Are you in the Arabic market? Interested in what we are providing? We would certainly like to hear from you regarding any query you may have.

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Our core focus is developing brands for companies wanting to revitalize their brand, engage their employees and create better business opportunities. We do this by evolving the three key areas of a company’s brand: identity, strategy and experience. Following a thorough consultation, we develop a proposal geared towards your specific needs. Every client is different and we understand that we can’t just box up a branding package that will work for everyone.

The way you envisage your brand is vital for us to understand in order for us to produce realistic projections for a visualisation that fits your organization and your customers. We supply multiple concepts and provide unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied. If you’re thinking of revitalizing your brand or if you are a start-up that wants to develop a brand from scratch, we can certainly help. By developing graphics, colours, fonts, logos, and other visual elements to associate with your brand, customers will come to trust your business more. In addition, they will be better-able to recognize your brand because of its unique design. This can result in sales increases both from new customers and repeat buyers.


Responsive web design makes it possible for your beautiful design on a desktop to translate into a captivating presence on smart phones and tablets. Responsive website design is a must, for a modern website. Our responsive websites increase conversion rates on mobile phones and tablets. We believe that a responsive website design is a necessity for high search engine rankings. Your website must complement your excellent brand perception to ensure new customers and repeat buyers. We can help you through that journey, whether your budget is small or large, we can deliver the required service that meets your criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SETH Digital do exactly?

We primarily provide a Social Media Management service as well as other key marketing services which go hand in hand with what we provide your company with.

I am already working with a marketing agency, why should I use your services too?

Our main product is Social. That’s what we do best. We represent you and your brand. We create and curate relevant content and manage bespoke campaigns that work to create a relationship between you and your customers. Marketing agencies in general specialize in the business of aesthetics and design – where we believe that is vitally important, the day to day operation of how your brand is communicating and engaging with your customers is sometimes far more worthy of attention and effort.

I run a small business with a restricted budget but I’m very interested in your services, can you help?

Absolutely. We are very empathetic with our clients and firmly believe in creating long lasting relationships. We offer reduced packages for small businesses for a temporary period with the ultimate goal of seeing you grow from strength to strength.

I take charge of my own Social Media page, why should I use your services?

To that we say; anybody can throw a javelin, but professionals throw it considerably farther than the average person. Similarly, we understand social and have plenty of experience in reaching out to audiences of all types. All our posts, updates and campaigns are based on a plan for growth.

How much do you charge?

It all depends on your requirement. Our most competitive rates are on Social Media Management as that is what we do best. As to the branding and the website designs, we can guarantee we can produce the highest quality products for the best price there is. Simply get in touch with us and we can give you an instant quote.

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